Pups of War Arena Event and Party Policies


  1. All party and event reservations must be made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the requested date. Any bookings made after this time will incur a $25 booking fee.

  2. All reservations require a $100 +tax deposit to be paid at time of booking. Deposits will be applied to your final bill on the day of your party/event.

  3. Party/Event information including but not limited to number of players and non-players, age range of players, food, decorations, etc. is required at time of booking.

2. CANCELLATION: All deposits and any partial payments are non-refundable. Deposits made will not be returned to client upon cancellation of event/party.

3. PAYMENT: Payment is due upon completion of event/party and check out with Pups of War team. Any charges incurred during the party/event (i.e. additional players or Party Add On) will be added to your final bill. We accept cash or credit/debit card.

4. PARTY/EVENT HOURS: Parties/Events are two hours long.

5. PARTY/EVENT CONFIRMATION: Final head count of attending guests and players is required no later than 5 business days before the party/event. Any additional players participating on the day of the party/event will be added to your final bill at the completion of your party/event.


  1. Pups of War will provide blasters based on party/event package purchased as well as safety eye protection.

  2. Any party/event participants bringing and using personal blasters or safety eye protection must check in their

    items with a Pups of War staff immediately upon arrival to be labeled with a name label of the party/event participant. Pups of War is not responsible for any loss or damage to personally owned blasters or safety eye protection.

  3. Personally owned blasters are subject to test fire and approval of Pups of War staff before use in Arena.

  4. Blasters, either personally owned or Pups of War provided, will not be fired outside of the Arena.

7. SET UP/ CLEAN UP: The client is responsible for making sure that the following rules are followed by his/herself and all who assist with setting-up/cleaning-up the premises:

  1. Set-up time begins no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled party/event.

  2. Clean-up must be complete no later than 30 minutes from the end of the party/event. Any additional time needed to clean up will be assessed a cleaning fee of $100/hour.

  3. Client must clean up and discard all decorations brought to Pups of War (i.e. balloons, banners, centerpieces, etc.) and all trash made by self and guests (i.e. cups, used paper goods, wrappers, etc.)


  1. Decorations and accessories that are not allowed include but is not limited to confetti, glitter, and other similar items.

  2. Decorations cannot be attached to the premises by staples, nails, or thumbtacks. Client is responsible for all supplies needed to hang or display decorations.

  3. Pups of War Arena is not responsible for the set up or removal of any decorations brought in by the client such as balloons, streamers, banners, goodie bags, etc.


  1. The client is offered food and catering options that is an additional cost to the client.

  2. If the client chooses not to use the food and catering options, outside food and beverages must be disclosed at time of booking and will be assessed an Outside Food Fee of $100.00.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed to be consumed on premise. Any alcoholic beverage brought on premise by guest or a guest of the client will be confiscated and returned at the end of the party/event.

  4. Pups of War is not responsible for providing beverage storage such as coolers with ice.

  5. Beverages must be in non-breakable or shatter proof containers.

10. FORCE MAJEURE: Pups of War will not be held liable for the failure of fulfilling arrangements that are beyond our control, but not limited to government orders, emergency conditions (including weather), acts of war or acts of God. A client will receive a full deposit refund should any one of these events occur. In the event that Pups of War Arena must cancel an event, the client is entitled to 100% of any deposit or payment made to Pups of War.

11. RESTRICTIONS: The client is responsible for ensuring that all of the above mentioned policies and the following restrictions are adhered to should any of the following actions occur, Pups of War reserves the right to cancel the event/party at any time.

  1. No illegal activities (gambling, sale or distribution of drugs, etc.)

  2. No alcohol consumption.

  3. No smoking on premises.

  4. Pups Of War will not tolerate any type of violence or threats. The client is responsible to ensure that all party/event guests act accordingly during their attendance.

  5. The client is responsible for any damage done to the premises during the time that the premises is occupied by the client and his/her guests.

  6. Pups of War reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.